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iZofy - Numerology


iZofy, the most exceptional Numerology app for android offers you many knowledgeable and all informing predictions based on the ruling numbers. Thus, it is regarded as the one of the best numerological applications ever.Numerology helps people knowing themselves and inmost level so that they can see clearly who they really are and what their talents, weaknesses and strengths are.
The online marketplace, iZofy provides various online astrology services on – Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot, Astrology, Vastu, Psychic and Spiritual Healing. iZofy connects people with Astrology Experts conveniently. We describe Numerology and Indian Vedic Astrology in the easiest language to the users. Opt for free Numerology reading with the use of different free Numerology Calculators provided by iZofy like Car Number Calculator, Baby Name Numerology Calculator, Name Numerology Calculator, Travel Calculator, Match Making Calculator, Lucky Number Calculator, Lucky Stone Calculator and Love Calculator.
In this particular unique application, you will know the benefits of Numerology and how these numbers give impact on your luck by some upgraded features. They include:
1. Post a Problem Tool – Now at an affordable cost get the remedies of your problems. Your problems will be solved through Astrology, Name Numerology, Numerology, Tarot reading, and Spiritual Healing. We offer you Instant Solution Provider to give you instant solution of your every problem.
2. Avail iZofy’s provided Free Daily Zodiac, Free Daily Horoscope and Free Daily Numerology.
3. You will get solution instantly by talking to the Top Astrologer and Numerologist on Real Time. Get remedies for your Career Problems, Financial Problems, Relationship Problems, Match Making and some other problems immediately from the Top Numerologists and Astrologers of India.
4. Read daily Unique Articles provided by iZofy from the Top Numerologists and Astrologers which help you to solve the problems of your daily life.
5. Some unique iZofy News are also explained in this app regarding the current affairs in Numerology and Astrology language.
6. Now you can choose from hundreds of Astrologers, Tarot Card Readers, Numerologists, Vastu Consultants, Psychic Readers, and Spiritual Healers.
7. iZofy provides Free Astrology and Numerology Calculators which has been already mentioned. So, now you can check your name with the exclusive Free Name Numerology calculator.
8. Now you can get the information regarding your Lucky Day, Unlucky Day, Lucky Numbers, Unlucky Numbers, Lucky Stone, Name Number, Lucky Color and Unlucky Color. The Free Numeropedia of all your Numerology Numbers is now in one screen of your smartphone.
This Astrology and Numerology app is exclusively designed to keep immediate calculations and flexibility in mind. As an example, while moving anywhere, you can immediately know your Daily Horoscope or Ruling Planet. You do not require carrying any particular items with you.
There is no app like iZofy which offers so many features on Numerology and Indian Vedic Astrology. However, you just need to keep your internet connection active and the solutions of your problems will reach you instantly.